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NSX Lucky Draw App for Events

If you have been to be my NSX sessions or experience days, you probably might have seen this NSX Lucky Draw App that I created for my demos. I have been asked a few times to share this application and also over last year or so when I deal more with containers, I always wanted… Read More »

NSX-T 2.1 Installation using ovftool

You might be wondering why would I want to use ovftool to install NSX-T appliances. This is because my management host is not being managed by a vCenter and it failed when using the vSphere Client. You can see from the screenshot above, I only have hosts for the EdgeComp Cluster. As I do not… Read More »

VMworld 2017 Please vote for my sessions!

This has been one of my goals for 2017 where I wanted to submit at least one paper for VMworld 2017. I am glad that I could come up with two sessions and Arup on third session. All sessions will be presented by both of us. The VMware content team just announced that public voting… Read More »

NSX Resources

Here are some of the frequent requested NSX resources from my customers. NSX Reference Design Guide – NSX-V: Multi-site Options and Cross-VC NSX Design Guide –  VMware Validated Designs –  

10GE Testing – Multi-NIC vMotion

Had access to some 10GE NICs and therefore decided to do some performance testing and try out Multi-NIC vMotion. The 10GE NICs were Intel X520-DA2 and I used SFP-H10GB-CU3M to connect directly to both hosts as I do not access to a 10GE switch at the moment. Without reading any documentation, I tried add both 10GE… Read More »

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