PKS Pivotal Container Service 1.0 with NSX-T Installation

In this blog post, I will share my experience, hopefully step by step on installing PKS 1.0 on NSX-T 2.1. Pre-req You can refer to my previous blog posts on how to install NSX-T 2.1. References

PKS Pivotal Container Service 1.0 GA

PKS 1.0 has gone GA on the 8 Feb 2018! Its kinda weird that there is not much announcement on the web.   I am super excited about PKS as it has native integration with NSX-T! Features Create, resize, delete, list, and show clusters through the PKS CLI Native support for NSX-T and Flannel Easily… Read More »

On-Demand NSX Load Balancer spun up by vRA Configs

In this post, you will face the configs of the NSX 6.2.6 on-demand LB what was spun up by vRA 7.01. 1. For HTTP, you can select Cookie or Source IP for Persistence.   2. For HTTPS, SSL Passthrough is enabled by default. No persistence is configured. You can select Source IP or SSL Session… Read More »

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Whats new for NSX Load Balancer in vRA 7.3?

In this blog post, I would like to find and list out whats available for NSX LB in vRealize Automation 7.3. You can read more about the announcement on vRA 7.3 NSX features here. 1. There is a virtual server section where you can select what type of traffic you would like to load balancer.… Read More »

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New Home Lab – vSAN 6.6 Ready

More details coming up. For now, screenshot first.     vSAN AF Performance on a 1Gbps network.   Some other performance testing before setting up the vSAN cluster. Single Node vSAN on Supermicro E300 Cache Tier: Samsung NVMe SSD 960 Evo M.2 Capacity Tier: Samsung Evo 1TB SSD Samsung Evo 1TB M.2 convert to SATA on Supermicro E300… Read More »

NSX-v Testing Series – Part 1 – ESG HA, OSPF, Graceful Restart

In the past 3-4 years since I have been started playing around with NSX-v, first version 6.0.4, I have been testing features here and there, performing demos after I join VMware, without really documenting down. Its always test and forget. So now, I’m going to start documenting down my tests with blogging, recording videos and diagrams.… Read More »

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Create a custom ESXi 6.5 ISO for Supermicro E300 / E200 install

For those Supermicro E200 or E300 users, if you have tried installing ESXi 6.5 on a SSD which is connected to the AHCI controller, you might not able to install successfully. Therefore, you might need to remove the conflicting AHCI driver. The below steps are used to create a custom ESXi 6.5U1 ISO with the… Read More »

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NSX-T 2.1 GA Installation using ovftool

Update on 23 Dec 2017 NSX-T 2.1 was GA. I thought since Im going to re-do the whole process, I might as well take new screenshots as well. You might be wondering why would I want to use ovftool to install NSX-T appliances. This is because my management host is not being managed by a vCenter… Read More »

NSX-T 2.1 Installation using ovftool (GA ver)

Update on 23 Dec 2017 NSX-T 2.1 was GA. I was using a pre-GA version before. Since Im going to reinstall using the GA version, I thought might as well I take the screenshots again. You might be wondering why would I want to use ovftool to install NSX-T appliances. This is because my management… Read More »