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NSX Load Balancer for HTTPS Name-based Virtual Hosting

Few of you all know I used NSX Load Balancer for Name-based Virtual Hosting in my home lab as I only got a single Public IP Address and I got a few websites that I would like to host. For example, this blog you are reading now is actually being hosted behind a NSX LB.… Read More »

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vSAN 6.6 All Flash on OVH Private Cloud

Recently had the opportunity to set up an all flash vSAN on OVH BMaaS to facilitate a Customer NSX POC. Took the chance to run some vSAN throughput test. This is the server built that we got from OVH. We selected the Mini-HG and configure it with 3 SSD. Its physical locally in the OVH BHS… Read More »

Powershell script to customise drivers into ESXi

The Supermicro E300 require the igxbe drivers for their 10GE NICs as the standard ESXi ISO does not natively support. Therefore I’m require to custom build the ESXi ISO. The igxbe 4.5.1 drivers were from Paul Blog – Download here. The powershell script were from here.  These are the commands used. PowerCLI C:\> C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\ESXi-Customizer-PS-v2.5.ps1 -izip… Read More »

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