Monthly Archives: October 2015

10GE Testing – Multi-NIC vMotion

Had access to some 10GE NICs and therefore decided to do some performance testing and try out Multi-NIC vMotion. The 10GE NICs were Intel X520-DA2 and I used SFP-H10GB-CU3M to connect directly to both hosts as I do not access to a 10GE switch at the moment. Without reading any documentation, I tried add both 10GE… Read More »

How to recover unmounted disks in VSAN?

With VSAN6.1, Virtual SAN monitors solid state drive and magnetic disk drive health and proactively isolates unhealthy devices by unmounting them. This has happen to my home lab and wish to share how I recover the unmounted disks. You can read more about this feature on As you can see, the disks in one of… Read More »