Tanzu vSphere 7 with Kubernetes on NSX-T 3.0 VDS Install Part 5: Testing, Demo Apps

In this section, we will perform some testing on the TKG clusters. Step 1 – Login to the TKG Cluster and switch to the tkg cluster context. kubectl vsphere login –server –vsphere-username administrator@vsphere.local –insecure-skip-tls-verify –tanzu-kug-cluster –tanzu-kubernetes-cluster-namespace demo-app-01 kubectl config use-context tkg-cluster kubectl get nodes Step 2 – Apply ClusterRole Security Policies. kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dstamen/Kubernetes/master/demo-applications/allow-runasnonroot-clusterrole.yaml… Read More »

Active Active Kubernetes Clusters Design Architecture

Kubernetes clusters that is Master Nodes and Worker Nodes were designed to work in a Local Area Network(LAN) environment. They are not recommended to be distributed across multiple Data Centers. 2 Data Centers Active Active Design If you have 2 Data Centers, I would recommend the following design for Active Active setup. Dedicated Kubernetes Clusters… Read More »

NSX Container Plugin (NCP) Architecture

The purpose of this blog post is to describe the NSX Container Plugin (NCP) Architecture in detail so that you will have a good understanding of why is it created, what are the components and how it works. With that knowledge, hopefully it will comes in handy when you require to perform troubleshooting when things… Read More »