Active Active Kubernetes Clusters Design Architecture

Kubernetes clusters that is Master Nodes and Worker Nodes were designed to work in a Local Area Network(LAN) environment. They are not recommended to be distributed across multiple Data Centers. 2 Data Centers Active Active Design If you have 2 Data Centers, I would recommend the following design for Active Active setup. Dedicated Kubernetes Clusters… Read More »

NSX Container Plugin (NCP) Architecture

The purpose of this blog post is to describe the NSX Container Plugin (NCP) Architecture in detail so that you will have a good understanding of why is it created, what are the components and how it works. With that knowledge, hopefully it will comes in handy when you require to perform troubleshooting when things… Read More »


Populating the NSGroups via OpsManager The NSGroups we created which will be used as server pool for the NSX-T LB are empty, we need to use OpsManager to populate the entries into the NSGroups. The following steps are carried out after you have successfully configured the PAS Tile. The Installation Dashboard of Ops Manager should… Read More »

PCF PAS NSX-T 2.3 Preparation (NO-NAT)

T1 Routers & Logical Switches Create T1 Router – T1-PAS-Infrastructure. Edge cluster is not needed for this T1 router. Create Logical Switch LS-PAS-Infrastructure. Create Router port on the T1 and connect to the LS. IP Address: On the T1, enable route advertisement options.   Create T1 Router – T1-PAS-Infrastructure. Attach an Edge cluster to… Read More »

Upgrading NSX-T to 2.3

Long overdue. Has always wanted to upgrade my non-nested NSX-T environment which was still running on 2.1 but putting on hold because I wanted to blog about and record the upgrading process. The big motivation for the upgrade was due to the Pivotal Application Service(PAS) as there were some significant improvements for Load Balancer with… Read More »